Award winning

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Popularising Filipino cuisine with clarity

We serve Filipino food that is;

exciting, accessible, innovative and health conscious

Our Vision is for Filipino cuisine to be explored and enjoyed across the UK and beyond


Our story

'Turo Turo' was established in August, 2018. It was founded by Rex De Guzman, a chef and aspiring entrepreneur. It has been his mission to popularise Filipino cuisine in the UK since 2014 and has done this by running numerous successful popup restaurants and catering for events serving high quality, modern Filipino food. This eventually built up the chef's courage to start his own street food venture and thus, 'Turo Turo' was born.

The name Turo Turo pronounced /“Tu-ru Tu-ro"/ literally meaning “point point” in Tagalog, is a general name to describe fast food stalls or diners in the Philippines where customers would point at any food on display that they would like to be served. ‘Turu Turo’ restaurants in the Philippines are typically fast food restaurants that serve a selection of dishes to customers in quick succession. 


Passion, Courage, Integrity, Innovation, Perseverance, and most of all, Hard Work, are just some of the values that we hold dear. These values are symbolised in the Carabao (Filipino Water Buffalo) and is our animal of choice as it represents the Filipinos hard-working nature.




 STREet FOOD menu


Charred Aubergine

Peanut and garlic soy glaze

 Tomato salsa

Pickled carrot atchara (VG)

Signature dish

Chicken Inasal

BBQ Boneless thigh

Spiced vinegar butter glaze

Pickled carrot atchara

Pork Tocino

4 Hour Pineapple soy glazed pork belly

Tomato salsa

Pickled cucumber